PHD and Postdoc opportunities on an ERC funded Synergy Project

"Fungal Tolerance"

The Berman Lab, Tel Aviv University, IL

The Ralser Lab, Charité University of Medicine, Berlin

ERC Synergy projects address some of the most challenging scientific problems of our time. The Synergy project "Fungal Tolerance" will address why fungal pathogens, which kill 1.6 million people annually, can escape anti-fungal substances by mounting tolerance against them. For the project, we will assemble a library of more than a thousand strains of Candida albicans, the most prevalent human fungal pathogen, expose them to a panel of anti-fungal drugs, and map the compendium of cellular response mechanisms. This includes generating genome sequences for each isolate along with state-of the art proteomic and metabolomic technologies, to infer biological networks computationally. We will use approaches from biochemistry, functional genetics and molecular biology to elaborate key mechanisms of cell survival in response to stress.
This project demands close cooperation of PhD students and postdocs of different background and skills. Successful candidates will be trained in one or more of the following disciplines:
- Genetics
- Molecular Biology
- Microbiology or Fungal Biology
- Proteomics
- Metabolomics
- Bioinformatics
- Computational Biology
and will enjoy being part of an international, multidisciplinary team conducting a highly interactive project between Tel Aviv and Berlin.  Ideally, most team members will have the flexibility to spend some time in each location.  If this sounds like you, please contact us. Several positions for postdocs and PhD students will become open during 2021. Please send your expression of interest, with your CV and a list of three scientists who can be contacted for letters of recommendation to:

Judith Berman

Markus Ralser